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About Shop Studios

Shop Studios is delighted to offer all art production services to clients with budgets large or small. We are a Manhattan studio offering over 20,000 square feet of available space for,  film, television, photography, and any kind of event imaginable. Shop Studios features an in-house art production workshop and prop shop where we can build, create, and fabricate anything you need.

We are artists, production designers, museum exhibition designers,  lighting designers, and event designers, fabric stylists, showroom stylists, fashion show producers, freelance creative directors,  floristscaterers,  cooks, hosts, everything!


Meet The Owners

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Jacques W. Rosas

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Shop Studios LLC has been founded by nonother Jacques Rosas in 1997. Jacques Rosas is known for his keen sense of trend forecasting, anticipating new approaches in multi-level multimedia business models, and creating new ways to combine editorial content with commercial performance. Rosas is the creator of All Good News and produced documentaries for Webisode. TV. He also has a long history of support and activity in Human Rights and Environmental issues and is a former Campaign Director for Greenpeace.  

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Eric J. Steding

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Eric is a fashion and Fortune 500 favorite when creative direction, art production, and lighting are needed to be at the absolute best. Known throughout the world for his stunning museum designs, one-of-a-kind events, world wide product launches, fashion shows and retail widows displays on virtually every exclusive shopping street in the world, he has never disappointed his fans. Steding is now expanding into production design for film, TV and his fans await the next move of Shop Studios’ Creative Director and how he will effect Visual Culture and trends around the world.

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